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Calendared paper

Glassine paper For packing and wrapping fatty goods.
Opaline & Intaglio paper For printing and then used for different purposes.
Release Base paper For coating of release, etc.
Super Calendar Kraft paper For printing coating, laminating etc.
Opaque Laminating Base paper For laminating, printing & packing.
Twist Wrap paper For packing etc.

Coated Paper

Coated Art & Chromo paper For printing & packing.
Industrial Paper
Grease proof paper For packing and wrapping fatty goods.
Imitation Parchment paper For packing and wrapping.
Packing Tissue paper For packing.
Parchmentine paper For wrapping.
Absorbent Kraft paper For printing, coating, laminating etc.
Bactite paper For wrapping of medical/surgical consumables.
Electrical Grade Kraft paper For wrapping of cables.
Tracing paper For tracing, drawings etc.
Wax Match paper Manufacturing of match sticks.

Laminating Base Paper

Barrier/Print Base paper For Printing and Lamination.
Gold Rust paper For Printing and Lamination.
Mysore Teak paper For Printing and Lamination.
Overlay paper For chemical coating for further use.

Other Specialties

Bible Printing paper For Printing of Bible.
Computer Stationary For Printing computer stationery.
Foam Base paper For lining in foam making etc.
Interleaving Kraft paper For lining.
Thin Printing paper For Bidies.
Yellow Interleaving paper Cover for X-ray film etc.

Packing Tissue

Packing Tissue paper For Packing.
Bleached Packing Tissue (Acid Free) For Packing of brass.

Security paper

MICR Cheque paper
Printing of cheque.

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